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Annika Brindemark's artistic journey is one of creation without borders.

I am an autodidact artist, i.e. self-taught. One of the most amazing aspects of being self-taught is that I am not limited by rules and conventions. I follow my creative process intuitively and freely.


Gallery in Palma de Mallorca 

I have had the honour of running my own art gallery in the beautiful city of Palma for a few years. Here I have had the opportunity to showcase my work and it is with gratitude and joy to know that many of my paintings have found new homes around the world.


Continuous learning 

I often participate in various art courses and workshops that I feel enrich me and broaden my horizon. The hands were and still are an important tool when painting, to have direct contact, to feel in, but over the years the toolbox has become broader! 


The future 

My artistic journey never stands still. It reflects life. I explore, grow and am extremely happy and grateful to continue to inspire others through my paintings. So far I have not had many exhibitions in Sweden, in Skanör (2022) which was very successful together with my daughter. This autumn I am looking forward to my exhibition in Berlin! 


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